Great Grief is a band from Reykjavík, Iceland formed in 2013. Having played over 150 shows all over Iceland, U.S and Canada, and earning a reputation as one of Iceland’s hardest working bands, putting their bodies on the line every night and holding nothing back they are known as one of the driving forces behind the Reykjavík hardcore scene.
What started out as a strictly hardcore influenced band, has now manifested itself into an emotional, volatile rollercoaster of sass, angst and manic energy.
In 2014 the band put out it’s first EP “Ascending // Descending” which was released on vinyl through germany’s post-hardcore label Lifeisafunnything. A year later the band released a split with Buffalo’s very own Bungler. The band has remained quiet since it’s last US run in 2015, outside of a few select performances in the United States.

On November 8th, the band issued a press release announcing a signing to Los Angeles based label No Sleep Records (Wonder Years, La Dispute, Touché Amoré etc.) and will be dropping it’s first full length album “Love, Lust and Greed” on December 7th. This is done in collaboration with Ben Weinman’s (of Dillinger Escape Plan fame) art collective Party Smasher Inc.

The new album “Love, Lust and Greed” is out now.


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Slimboy sind auch nach rund 20 Jahren nicht tot zu kriegen. Statt den gängigen Trends zu folgen, bleiben sie sich selbst treu, ohne sich dabei zu sehr einzugrenzen: mal rotziger Punkrock, poppige Midtempo-Grooves oder kraftvolle Rockballaden: gespielt wird, was Spass macht, und die in den Lyrics verbauten Storys passend untermalt.

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